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Made for Golfers. Period.

Originally Published:
PXG has been not so quietly disrupting the golf industry for years. From edgy commercials to a steadfast refusal to sell golf clubs off the shelf, the company is changing how people think about golf equipment and apparel. 
From the start, PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons set his golf club designers and engineers on a mission unlike any before – to make sexy golf clubs that launch higher, go farther, feel softer, and have a sweet spot the size of Texas.

You know what he didn’t say? “Make men’s golf clubs.” Or “add a line of women’s clubs and junior clubs.”
Customized for Individuals
With PXG, every club is engineered for optimum performance and then tailored for an individual golfer – not to their age or gender, but to their ability and unique performance goals.

PXG’s comprehensive fitting process evaluates multiple data points including the golfer’s size, natural swing tendencies, skill level, and more. Highly skilled PXG Fitters identify the club configuration - from shaft length, weight, and flex to the club’s loft, lie, and grips - that will help the golfer put together consistently better rounds. And then, every club is built to match that goal.

How to Get Started
There are multiple ways to get fitted for and purchase PXG clubs. Golfers can build and buy golf clubs online (available in select countries only), talk to a PXG Customer Fitting Assistant over the phone, or work with a PXG Fitting Specialist in-person. In-person fitting experiences are available at PXG Fitting Studios, via the company's mobile fitting program and through select premium fitting partners.
Made for Golfers, Not Labels.
At the end of the day, PXG makes clubs for people at every level who share a passion for the greatest game ever played. You’ll never find a PXG club labeled for men, ladies, seniors, or juniors. 

PXG makes golf clubs for golfers – no adjectives required.
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