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Is there a standard shaft length for a PXG Driver?

Originally Published:

Shaft Length Changes for GEN4 Drivers

With the upcoming release of our 0811 GEN4 Drivers, gearheads out there will notice two key differences in our standard driver settings when comparing our new specs with previous generation PXG Drivers.

PXG Indoor Fitting Bay with Selection of Shafts.

In addition to all-new patented technologies, you’ll find two other updates in our standard shaft length and head mass. But before we get into the details regarding why these changes were made, let’s take a look at all previous and upcoming driver specifications:

Driver Model Standard Shaft Length Head Mass
0811X GEN1 Driver 45” 207g
0811 XF GEN2 Driver 45” 206g
0811 X GEN2 Driver 45” 206g
0811 X+ Prototype Driver 45” 206g
0811 X Prototype Driver 45” 206g
0811 XT GEN4 Driver 45.5” 201g
0811 X GEN4 Driver 45.5” 201g
0811 XF GEN4 Driver 45.5” 201g

“For the first time, we are moving our standard driver shaft length from to 45” to 45.5” and, in turn, all of our head weights on our GEN4 Drivers are 5 grams lighter than all of our previous models.” -Brad Schweigert, Chief Product Design Officer

The addition of ½” in shaft length shifts the swing weight around 3 swing points, and changing the head weight by 5 grams, the swing weight will move by around 3 swing points.

What does that mean?

Essentially, a ½” increase in shaft length requires a 5-gram reduction in head weight to maintain the same swing weight and overall balance in the golf club.

In the simplest of terms, by changing the head mass to 201 grams and the shaft length to 45.5”, the swing weight will be the same as a driver with a 206 gram head weight and 45” shaft.

So, why the change?

A 201g head mass and a 45.5” shaft length allows us to garner the perfect combination of both ball dispersion and distance in the GEN4 Driver.

“One of the main reasons we have gone longer is that through internal testing it has shown an increase in ball speed without a negative effect of wider dispersion. In turn, the higher ball speeds equate to more distance.” -Mike Nicolette, Director of Product Design, Research and Development

Does this mean I have to use a 45.5” shaft in a GEN4 Driver?

It is important to note that players who struggle with accuracy or have wide dispersion with their driver may still benefit from going with a shorter length shaft.

During a fitting, your PXG Fitting Specialist will help you to determine the optimal shaft length for your height, swing, and performance. Our builders will adjust the head weight accordingly and ensure your driver is built to your exact specifications to help you find the optimal balance of accuracy, forgiveness, and distance. KABOOM BABY!

Learn more about our 0811 GEN4 Drivers here

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