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Introducing a Virtual Look Inside Renee’s Closet

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Intentionally designed to take you from the fairway to the open road, you don’t have to be a golfer to love PXG Apparel. Now, with a look inside Renee’s Closet, there are more ways than ever to experience the PXG Apparel line…and shop!

President and Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel, Renee Parsons, has launched a virtual closet to showcase her favorite items, provide inspiration on how to wear them, and highlight new pieces for the season. In the Fall/Winter 2020 Collection, you’ll find classic designs, re-imagined staples, and stylish casual wear. So, expect to see highlights on fall favorites including, sweaters and bomber jackets that will look amazing on or off the course.

Bookmark her personal blog to read monthly “Styled by Renee” features which give us a glimpse into how she’s pairing her own wardrobe staples with PXG attire.


What Sets PXG Apparel Apart

The same maverick attitude that characterizes the PXG brand is threaded into every collection. Merging her lifelong passion for art and fashion with her love of golf, Parsons has created a versatile line of men’s and women’s golf apparel that is both high-fashion and highly functional. It’s classic designs and bold statement pieces.

“As a female golfer who loves fashion, I was always searching for a new, more stylish take on women’s golf attire – something I think a lot of women are searching for,” said Parsons. “To satisfy that need, PXG is creating golf apparel that’s a little edgy with flattering silhouettes. Our collections are designed to inspire confidence and be a great addition to any wardrobe.”

PXG Apparel promises that our performance will back your play – from the first tee to last call. It is the embodiment of Parsons’ personal style and the belief that every detail should be impeccable, and every design should be versatile.

Check out our PXG blog for even more inspiration on how to wear your PXG gear.

Top-Quality Golf Apparel

Like all things PXG, our golf clothes adhere to the highest standards of quality and attention to detail. From pouring over countless fabric samples to selecting custom-designed snaps and buttons, Parsons and her team are meticulous in their process.

The result of this passion and dedication is what you’ll find inside Renee’s Closet.

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