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Sport Fashion Meets Sustainability

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PXG puts pedal to the metal with all things research, innovation, development, and engineering. PXG Founder and CEO, Bob Parsons, raised the bar and led the charge in building the world’s finest golf clubs, and when it comes to PXG Apparel, we take that very same mindset into our design and production.

PXG’s Fall Winter 2021 Apparel Collection not only showcases new statement pieces and sport fashion essentials – but President and Executive Creative Director of Apparel, Renee Parsons, and our design team took the initiative to start including sustainable styles in our collections.

How Is PXG Apparel Working Towards Sustainability?

PXG’s in-house apparel team designs and manages the production of each season’s collection with high-quality fabrics, textures, and silhouettes all front of mind. Running in parallel is the charge to find more sustainable manufacturing techniques and fabrics to help create a more sustainable future.

PXG Apparel works with certified green mills and green factories that are each required to act responsibly and sustainably regarding people, the environment, and resources. These certified facilities set forth all the relevant information and ensure consistent transparency and traceability of all processing steps, right down to the raw materials.

PXG has chosen to work with smaller factories all over the world including in New York and Italy where we have more control over greener practices. These green mills can significantly reduce landfill waste as well as significantly reduce air and water pollution. Green mills also reduce environmental stressors with a lesser focus on heavily processing raw materials.

We also are working with mills that are certified in OEKO-TEX® Standard which tests components including thread, buttons, and zippers for harmful substances. OEKO- TEX is globally standardized and updated frequently based on scientific developments and new garment requirements with testing conducted in certified exclusive, independent, and neutral institutions.


Effortless Looks, Sustainably Sourced

Classic Cashmere

For Fall/Winter 2021, we expanded our cashmere offerings including cashmere from Italy that boasts a Good Cashmere Standard®.

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is sustainably produced from the super-soft undercoat of the cashmere goat found in the Himalayas. Supply is very limited and due to the delicate nature of the fibers; the luxurious wool must be treated with great care throughout the process.

Our stunning Men's Cashmere Vest delivers lightweight warmth in refined style with eye-catching white detailing. If you’re searching for comfort and luxury, our Women's Off Duty Hoodie, woven in 100 percent silky soft cashmere is a perfect example of sport fashion designed with sustainability in mind.


What Does it Mean to Have a Good Cashmere Standard?

This means that the factory adheres to the Five Freedoms as defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council - no animal be subjected to hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, or disease. The standard is regularly reviewed based on findings from the audit process as well as scientific information

Ethical Eco-Leather

When it comes to newly introduced fabrics for Fall/Winter 2021, we didn’t stop at cashmere. Add a wow factor to your next round of golf with our Women’s Eco-Leather Skirt or Eco-Leather Leggings, crafted from sustainable products that deliver the look and feel of buttery soft leather.

What’s Next for PXG Apparel?

PXG is known for its never-ending curiosity towards enhancing each product while staying true to the roots of the brand. PXG’s Apparel team is constantly exploring new ways to create sustainable pieces that will not only feel incredible but also elevate anyone’s wardrobe on and off the course.

Want More Eco-Friendly Fashion?

View our entire collection of sustainable golf and sport fashion apparel and find pieces perfect for any occasion.


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