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Driver to Putter

Originally Published:

One might argue that you can play golf with a single club - case in point the fifth hole of the 2020 Tiger Slam.  


However, confidence for most golfers comes from knowing they’ve got all the right tools in the bag to successfully manage a golf course. Knowing you can hit it long, play it where it lies, and roll it in is the key to lower scores and having more fun.


While PXG may be best known for its groundbreaking iron sets, it offers a full arsenal of outstanding equipment. From driver to putter, PXG prioritizes performance and pours every ounce of innovation into each new club design.


The result, 14 sexy golf clubs engineered to increase a player’s enjoyment of the game.  


In the Beginning

When Ryan Moore stepped onto the golf course wielding PXG’s original 03x Golf Irons in 2015, the golf industry collectively inhaled. An unknown outsider that had never sold a golf club had made its way onto the tour. What in the world was Ryan, a seasoned professional and PGA TOUR winner, thinking?


In Ryan’s words, “The clubs are amazing. They are going in the bag, and they’re not coming out.”


It was simple. PXG was poised to change the game with its radically different, no-limits approach to product design, development, and distribution. PXG’s Irons were proof of concept … and Ryan wanted in.


A Rapid Evolution

Several months later, PXG introduced a full line of golf clubs. And shortly after that, the company claimed its first victory on the PGA TOUR.


Kaboom Baby!

In five short years PXG has gone from unknown to global phenomenon, offering the best opportunity that technology currently allows for golfers to maximize their game on the course.


Today, PXG offers a full line of high-performance golf drivers, fairway woods, golf hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. Every club is built by hand and every set is as unique to its user as his or her swing. 

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