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PXG Operator Putter

Fine-tuned Performance

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PXG Milled Insert Putter

Extremely forgiving, mallet-style golf putter engineered to be finely tuned for an individual’s stroke style. The Operator is designed for those seeking advanced customization and exceptional forgiveness. "Operator" is the specific term for Delta’s operational personnel, although in recent years it has become a term for almost all U.S. military special forces.


Alignment Aids


Multiple subtle alignment features, along with a single, high-contrast stripe make this putter incredibly easy to line-up correctly.


Shaft Options


Three shaft options – double-bend, heel shafted and plumber’s neck – are available to fit any stroke.




Available in black or a limited-edition Darkness finish.




Head Mass (g)



Technology that Performs

Performance Benefits

Performance Benefits

  • Very Forgiving
  • Easy to Align
  • Wide Range of Mass Adjustability
  • Fine Tuning for Miss Tendancy
  • Outstanding Sound & Feel

PXG Operator Models