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PXG Milled Insert Putter

The Bat Attack is an incredibly clean and efficient modified mallet-style golf putter with distinctive heel-toe wings designed for improved alignment and consistency.

Alignment Aids

Heel-toe wings are set exactly a golf ball width apart and are designed to assist with alignment and increase MOI.

Shaft Options

Three shaft options – double-bend, heel shafted and plumber’s neck – are available to fit any stroke.


Available in black and chrome.


Head Mass (g)





The Bat Attack features a lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum body with heavy weighted heel-toe wings. Crafted with a 304 stainless steel milled-insert face that is backed by PXG’s TPE technology.

Elastomer (TPE) Insert

TPE is a high-performance vibration-dampening polymer that enhances the club’s sound and feel. It also supports a consistent response across the entire face in PXG’s milled insert putters for improved distance control even on mishit putts.


Distinctive heel-toe wings act as weighting element for the Bat Attack. The wings for the 350-gram weight option are constructed from stainless steel. Higher density tungsten wings allow for two heavier weight options, 375- and 400-grams. Wings also serve as easy alignment aids to build confidence when standing over a shot.

Performance Benefits

  • High MOI
  • Easy to Align
  • Extremely Consistent
  • Multiple Weight Options
  • Incredible Distance
  • Outstanding Sound & Feel

PXG Bat Attack Models

Bat Attack

The double-bend shaft creates a half shaft of offset with a face-balanced hang angle. This model is best for players with a straight-back-straight-through stroke.

Hang Angle

Face Balanced


Half Shaft

Bat Attack H

The Bat Attack H is a heel-shafted hosel design with a half shaft of offset and mid toe down hang angle. It is best suited for players with an open-to-close, arc-style stroke.

Hang Angle

Mid Toe Down


Full Shaft

Bat Attack P

The plumber’s neck shaft creates a full shaft of offset with a slightly toe down hang angle. This versatile model is suited for players with a variety of stroke types.

Hang Angle

Slightly Toe Down


Full Shaft

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