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Battle Ready II Blackjack

Battle Ready II
Blackjack-C Putter

Price is £349


PXG’s Battle Ready II Putters feature a thin-walled hollow body construction, injection molded core, and the thinnest face in putters. The result is a high moment of inertia (MOI) design, coupled with a remarkable sound and feel on every stroke.

The Blackjack is a bold, high MOI mallet-style putter with exceptional stability, forgiveness and clean alignment features letting you double down your bets as you sink more putts.

Game-changing Technology

Battle Ready II Putters Hollow Body


Traditional solid body putters have unwanted mass near the center of gravity, which limits MOI. The hollow body construction in Battle Ready II repositions mass to the extreme perimeter of the putter to improve consistency on mis-hits.

Battle Ready II Putters sCor

S Cor™ Technology

PXG Battle Ready II Putters feature S COR, a lightweight polymer injected into the body of each putter. S COR bonds seamlessly with the ultra-thin face, enhancing MOI while simultaneously reducing vibrations to provide a superior sound and feel.

Battle Ready II Putters Thin Face

The Thinnest Face In Putters

PXG’s hollow body putter design, inspired by the company’s celebrated flagship irons, enabled PXG engineers to develop an ultra-thin putter face. The highly responsive face is just 0.055” thick, which enables the center of gravity to be positioned farther back in the clubhead and increases the moment of inertia (MOI).

Battle Ready II Putters Face Pattern


The third iteration of our pyramid face structure boasts a more aggressive milling that improves ball roll characteristics. This new face pattern offers the soft sound of an insert putter, while maintaining the responsive feel of a solid milled putter.

Battle Ready II Putters Precision Weighting


The balance of your Battle Ready II Putter can be fine-tuned by changing the location and mass of the weights. Further fine-tuning with our selection of hosels will ensure optimal launch conditions based on your stroke and preferences.

Introducing Battle Ready II

Hosel Options

Battle Ready II Blackjack Center Shaft

CENTER Shafted

The Center Shafted hosel orients the shaft axis in a central location to create a face-balance hang angle. Its evenly distributed weight makes it best suited for players with a straight back, straight through stroke.

Battle Ready II Blackjack Doublebend

Double Bend

The face balanced design of the Double Bend hosel minimizes resistance to twisting and makes it easier to rotate the putter face. Optimal for players who tend to push the ball.

Battle Ready II Blackjack Heel Shafted

Heel Shafted

The heel-shafted hosel orients the shaft axis far into the heel side of the putter to create significant toe hang, which increases the force required to rotate the putter face. Optimal for players who tend to over rotate the putter, or pull the ball.

Battle Ready II Blackjack Plumbers Neck

Plumber's Neck

The Plumber’s Neck hosel orients the shaft axis in a heel location creating a mid-toe hang angle, which helps players square up the face. This hosel can be effectively used by both straight and arced stroke types.  

Battle Ready II Blackjack Armlock


Optimal for players who desire greater control and stability or who struggle with short putts, the Armlock hosel orients the shaft axis through the CG to create a face balance hang angle.

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A Superior Putter Fitting Experience

Getting fit for a putter is the fastest way to gain consistency on the greens. In a PXG putter fitting our master fitters will dial in all aspects of your putter from weighting, hosel type, loft, lie, length, and grip. All to help you achieve optimal launch conditions and elevate your performance on the greens.

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Beautiful tour-proven designs with game-changing technology. Learn about the entire collection of Battle Ready II putters.

Battle Ready II Blackjack Specs

Hosel Type Stock
Head Weight
Head Weight
Head Weight
Loft Lie Hang Angle Offset
Center Shafted 365g 335g 405g 70° Face Balanced None
Double Bend 370g 340g 410g 70° Face Balanced Half Shaft
Heel Shafted 380g 350g 420g 70° Significant Toe Hang Half Shaft
Plumber's Neck 390g 360g 430g 70° Mid Toe Hang Full Shaft
Armlock 415g 385g 455g 73° Face Balanced Full Shaft
PXG M16 Putter Shafts

Available with M16

The PXG M16 Putter Shaft is 26% stiffer than a traditional steel putter shaft. The increased shaft stiffness delivers improved accuracy, stability, and consistency by reducing the amount of face rotation at impact.

In robot testing, The M16 Putter Shaft delivers 37% more accuracy than a traditional steel shaft.

New Performance Putter Grips

PXG's new performance putter grips were designed to meet a variety of grip preferences and stroke styles to give golfers the edge they need on the green. Whether you're a traditionalist, claw grip fanatic, or armlock aficionado - PXG's seven grip profiles offer versatility and comfort for improved control, stability and performance in all conditions.

Image of PXG Putter Grip Line


Performance is our only measure of success. That’s why the nitty-gritty details matter – so your clubs feel like a hand-tailored Italian suit. On the off chance you discover that your club specs could use a little tweak, don’t sweat it. Parsons Xtreme Golf always backs your play. As our performance promise, we offer a complimentary spec check at our retail locations and fitting studios within 1 year of club receipt. If you need us, give Sales & Support a call at 0800 066 9449 to get on the books.

Battle Ready II Blackjack Center Shafted Putter