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Parsons Xtreme Golf was founded in 2014 by billionaire and GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons who wanted to prove he could get more out of his golf equipment. With revolutionary patented technology, the world's finest materials, and zero cost or time restraints, PXG products would be golf clubs without compromise.



Bob Parsons, possibly best-known as the founder of GoDaddy, is widely recognized for his entrepreneurial and philanthropic efforts. Currently, Bob is the founder and CEO of YAM Worldwide, which is home to his entrepreneurial ventures in the fields of golf, motorcycles, real estate, finance, marketing, innovation and philanthropy.​

He is a U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War Combat Veteran and a recipient of the Purple Heart Medal, Combat Action Ribbon and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. Bob attended college at the University of Baltimore on the G.I. Bill and graduated magna cum laude. His alma mater presented him with an honorary doctorate in 2008 and named him Distinguished Entrepreneur in 2010.​
In 1984 Bob started his first business, Parsons Technology, in his basement after teaching himself how to write computer programs. When Parsons Technology was sold to Intuit in 1994 for $64 million, the company had nearly one thousand employees, $100 million in annual revenue and three million customers.​
Three years later, he launched Jomax Technologies which would later become GoDaddy - the world's largest domain name registrar. He sold a majority stake in 2011, in a deal that valued the company at $2.3 billion.​

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In 2012 Bob founded YAM Worldwide under which he owns and operates more than a dozen companies, including PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf), Scottsdale National Golf Club, Harley-Davison of Scottsdale, GO AZ Motorcycles, SNEAKY BIG, YAM Properties and YAM Capital.​
A self-proclaimed golf nut, Bob founded PXG in 2014 with the sole intent to design and develop the world’s finest golf clubs. The company has become the largest of Bob’s post GoDaddy ventures, currently serving golfers in  more than 50 countries. In 2019 PXG was recognized as one of the fastest growing, privately-held companies in the U.S. by Inc Magazine. This is Bob’s third business to top the list – Parsons Technology (#11, 1992), GoDaddy (#8, 2004) and PXG, (#123, 2019). ​
Bob and his wife Renee started The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation in 2012 to reach marginalized populations and causes often underfunded by mainstream philanthropy. The Foundation provides transformational grants to nonprofit organizations successfully working in the areas of homelessness, medical care, LGBTQ youth, education and the needs of wounded veterans and military families.
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