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Why PXG Deployed Military Green

Originally Published:
If you know PXG, you know the company’s colorful CEO and Founder, Bob Parsons.

If you know Bob Parsons, you know of his entrepreneurial success, golf obsession… and that distinctive gruff voice.

What you may not know is that he grew up dirt poor, failed the 5th grade and joined the Marine Corps when he was 17.

As a U.S. Marine who served during the Vietnam War, Parsons received a Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.

“Everything I’ve accomplished I owe to the Marine Corps,” said Parsons.

He learned discipline, grit and, most importantly, the art of playing death – at least mentally.

While deployed, Parsons began to fear that he would be one of the 58,000 U.S Troops to die because of the war.

That thought never changed, but his mindset did.

He decided to accept the worst possible outcome – that he was going to die in Vietnam.

By accepting the end was near, death was no longer the ‘monster under the bed’, but rather a monster he chose to greet every morning at mail call.

That acceptance was liberating.

He no longer feared death. Instead, he was freed by facing it.

Parsons returned home a changed man. 

In the time since then, he’s led numerous companies. PXG, arguably his current favorite, was born from sheer passion for golf.

In 2014, Parsons set out to see if his engineers could build the finest clubs ever played.

They determined that they could and they did.

Since then, PXG has grown into a global enterprise offering golf clubs, accessories and apparel. 

From inception, black and white has been the brand’s staple color scheme. It represents the simplicity of PXG’s message: it’s either good enough to be called the world’s finest – or it’s not PXG.

The first PXG Golf and Lifestyle Apparel Collection launched in 2019. The curated collection, spearheaded by PXG President of Apparel Renee Parsons, was the first time PXG introduced color into its closet lineup. That color, none other than military green.

The color pays homage to Bob Parsons’ Marine Corps roots, as military green is frequently worn by service members to allow them to move unseen.

Military green - both fitting and ironic.

Although much of Bob Parsons’ life lessons were learned in the Marines, blending in wasn’t one of them. 
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