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PXG Delivers Lei’d Back Performance with the Release of Its Special Edition Aloha Wedge

Originally Published:
2022 PXG Aloha Forged WedgePXG’s special-edition Aloha Wedge adds a custom-designed, Hawaiian print to the company’s signature 0311® Forged Wedge. Created by one of PXG’s in-house designers, the striking laser-etched pattern is inspired by the start of the PGA TOUR in Hawaii each year. With hidden golfers integrated in the floral pattern, the Aloha Wedge adds island vibes and versatile performance to every golfer’s short game.
PXG 0311 Forged Wedges are triple forged from 8620 soft carbon steel to deliver an outstanding impact experience. The company’s proprietary weighting system features both lightweight titanium and heavier tungsten weights to optimize mass properties such as center-of-gravity and moment-of-inertia. High-toe weighting helps increase spin and further enhance playability. CNC-milled grooves maximize ball control, while a versatile sole design performs exceptionally well in all types of grass and turf conditions.
The custom Aloha pattern is achieved using a precision laser. The sophisticated process supports a more complex laser etching and is applied to the visible layer of metal to create a multidimensional design. This technique does not impact the wedge’s durability or performance.
A limited number of right-handed, 56-degree PXG Aloha Wedges are now available online, in-person, and over-the-phone.
Additionally, PXG Apparel has introduced its 2022 Aloha Capsule Collection, consisting of 13 ready-to-wear styles and accessories. Presented in black and white, this Aloha Capsule Collection brings a modern twist and sophisticated style to the Hawaii-inspired floral print.
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