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Battle Ready Putter Guide - Boost Your Confidence on the Green

Originally Published:

As all golfers know – the battle is often won or lost on the green. Having a putter that suits your stroke and gives you confidence is essential to improved performance, and let’s face it – having more fun on the course.

PXG Battle Ready Putter lineup on the putting green

That’s exactly why we launched our Battle Ready™ Putter Collection, an innovative succession to our flagship line of putters. Nine new, 100% milled putters are now available in the Battle Ready lineup and all will have you sinking more putts from anywhere on the green.


PXG engineers continue to push the envelope to make the best in golf, better. Our extensive research and development have led to game-changing innovation. The design, technology, and performance packed into the PXG Battle Ready Putter Collection is years in the making.

Each putter is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and high-density tungsten. Unique to the Battle Ready lineup, PXG engineers introduced high-density tungsten inserts. The inserts are strategically positioned in every putter to enhance stability and boost MOI.

With a density of around 17-grams per cc, tungsten is significantly heavier than steel per unit of volume. Introducing tungsten allows us to place more mass on the perimeter of the head to move more mass farther back and create an optimized CG location.

Testing with a wide variety of player skill levels – from PGA TOUR Professionals to beginner golfers – we’ve found that a deeper center of gravity creates a more consistent stroke. When players are making more consistent strokes, it leads to more putts made.

The Pyramid Face Pattern, originally introduced in the GEN2 Putter lineup, has been reengineered. With meticulous research and the feedback from our TOUR players, PXG engineers adjusted the groove depth to further improve mishit performance and ensure consistency for exceptional distance control.

PXG Battle Ready Putters feature a distinctive Precision Weighting Technology that allows adjustments to the balance of the putter by changing the amount and location of weight.


The PXG Battle Ready Putter lineup offers five mallet-style putters. This design suits golfers who want more stability and balance.

PXG Blackbird Battle Ready Mallet Putter

BLACKBIRD A new addition to the PXG putter family, Blackbird offers killer stroke stability.

PXG Gunboat Battle Ready Mallet Putter

GUNBOAT A PXG classic that delivers an extra-wide sightline helping golfers line up and sink more putts.

PXG One and Done Battle Ready Mallet Putter

ONE & DONE Delivering a distinct alignment aid and four adjustable weight ports for the ultimate confidence booster.

PXG Blackjack Battle Ready Mallet Putter

BLACKJACK Get ready to put everything on the line with this compact-style mallet that packs forgiveness on every stroke.

PXG Raptor Battle Ready Mallet Putter

RAPTOR A rear tungsten insert helps deliver exceptional stability, while prominent, golf ball-width sightline stripes support easy alignment.

PXG Hercules Battle Ready Mallet Putter

HERCULES A balanced blend of stability and control, this mid-mallet putter features a long flange sightline and soft ballasts that frame the ball for intuitive alignment.



Four blade-style putters are available in the Battle Ready family. This head design suits golfers who prefer a traditional aesthetic and the ability for increased control and feel.

PXG Brandon Battle Ready Blade Putter

BRANDON A modern take on a traditional blade-style design – Brandon is fully optimized for maximum control and consistency.

PXG Spitfire Battle Ready Blade Putter

SPITFIRE With angled wings that support stability, this unique design also enhances confidence over the ball with bold alignment aids.

PXG Closer Battle Ready Blade Putter

CLOSER A wide, blade-style putter, Closer delivers a high MOI in a sleek package.

PXG Mustang Battle Ready Blade Putter

MUSTANG Featuring weighted heel-toe ballasts, Mustang provides increased stability and forgiveness to ensure a smooth stroke.

PXG Dagger+ Battle Ready Blade Putter

DAGGER+ Available in two fixed hosel options – heel shafted and center shafted, Dagger+ offers excellent control with a classic design.



The PXG putter fitting experience is unlike any other. Golfers are given the freedom to choose any putter head, based solely on the laws of attraction.

Then, PXG Fitting Specialists study your stroke and match you with a hosel to help you sink more putts. With four different hosel configurations to select from – Plumber's Neck, Double Bend, Heel Shafted, and Armlock – each of the new Battle Ready Putters takes personalized performance to the extreme.

Built to spec, the entire Battle Ready Putter lineup is now available. For more information, find a store near you, or to book a putter fitting call 1.844.PLAY.PXG now.

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