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PXG 0317 ST Players Irons

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Xtreme Shot Making

Small workable club head design increases the player’s control over the clubface.


Solid body design limits face movement and produces a high spin rate performance.


Thick face solid body construction delivers very consistent distance control for highly skilled players.

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Blended Set Capability

0317 CB and 0317 ST have the same loft, offset, and bounce specs allowing players to easily transition from one model style to another at any club number in the set.

The 0317 CB's feature a larger, tour-inspired cavity back design for higher MOI and greater forgiveness often preferred in the harder-to-hit long irons. While the 0317 ST's feature a more compact design that delivers a penetrating trajectory with high spin, exceptional consistency, and maximum control often preferred for shorter irons.


Club Loft Standard Length (inches) Standard Lie Offset (inches) Bounce
3 21° 39.5" 60.5° .135"
4 23° 38.875" 61° .120"
5 26° 38.25" 61.5° .105"
6 29° 37.625" 62° .090"
7 33° 37" 62.5° .070"
8 37° 36.5" 63° .060"
9 42° 36" 63.5° .045"
W 47° 35.75" 64° .030" 10°
G 52° 35.5" 64° .020" 12°

Quick Irons Comparison

0317 ST

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Tour inspired blade designed for maximum shot making and consistency

0317 CB

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Compact blade designed for shot making and consistency with added forgiveness

Fast Fit Your 0317 ST Blades

Club head

1. Configure Your 0317 ST Blades - Right Handed

Club Dexterity

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Club Finish

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Club Selection From ¥28,600 per club

Please note: SGI Irons are sold as a set from 5 Iron through pitching wedge. You may also add on a 4 Iron, gap wedge, sand wedge, or lob wedge.

Club shaft

2. Shaft

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Please select the length for 7IR
Close up of club grip

3. Grip

0317 ST Blades RH
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