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0311 GEN6 XP Irons Club Image
0311 GEN6 XP Irons Club Image


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With a thinner face leading to improved performance on mishit shots and increased ball speed, PXG 0311 XP GEN6 Irons are the longest and most forgiving irons PXG has ever made. Backed by industry-leading engineering and complete with a patented core material, breakthrough head design, and Precision Weighting Technology, these offset irons were made to deliver an incredibly soft feel while providing extreme distance performance with excellent forgiveness. Available in Chrome or Xtreme Dark finish.

Maximum Distance
Fast Ball Speeds
Extreme Forgiveness
Tight Dispersion
Confidence-Inspiring Design
Incredibly Soft Feel
Remarkably Rewarding Sound


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One large weight is located near the CG on the back of the clubhead. This large center weight can be used to achieve optimal swing weight. Unique to PXG, customers can experience the benefits of these adjustments during an in-person fitting. Weighting is not intended to be adjusted after purchase.


Club Lofts Standard Length (inches) Standard Lie Offset Bounce
4 18° 39.375° 60.5° .250"
5 20° 38.75° 61° .220"
6 23° 38.125° 61.5° .190"
7 27° 37.5° 62° .160"
8 31° 37° 62.5° .130" 10°
9 36° 36.5° 63° .105" 11°
W 41° 36.25° 63.5° .080" 12°
G 47° 36° 63.5° .070" 12°
S 54° 35.75° 63.5° .040" 13°
L 60° 35.5° 63.5° .030" 13°

Quick Irons Comparison

Iron - 0311 P

0311 P Irons

Configure and Buy

Midsize head with moderate amount of offset designed for low to mid handicap players

Iron - 0311 XP

0311 XP Irons

Configure and Buy

Larger size head with additional offset designed for mid to high handicap players

Fast Fit Your 0311 XP GEN6 Irons

Club head

1. Configure Your 0311 XP GEN6 Irons - Right Handed

Club Dexterity

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Club Finish

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Club Selection From ¥38,500 per club

Please note: SGI Irons are sold as a set from 5 Iron through pitching wedge. You may also add on a 4 Iron, gap wedge, sand wedge, or lob wedge.

Club shaft

2. Shaft

Use Left/Right arrow keys to select Shaft Flex More Info i

Please select the length for 7IR
Close up of club grip

3. Grip

0311 XP GEN6 Irons RH
Price Consideration:¥

Total: ¥

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