PXG Irons


0311 GEN6 Priced from ¥ 38,500 Per Club

Say hello to new PXG GEN6 Irons! Easy to hit and beyond forgiving, they’re the longest, most accurate irons we’ve ever made.

Highlighted by a face that's 15% thinner, PXG’s patented XCOR2 inner core, and improved mass positioning in the top rail, PXG GEN6 irons deliver exceptional distance, a remarkably rewarding sound, and incredible forgiveness. GEN6 irons are available in two head shapes and either Chrome or Xtreme Dark finish.

0311 GEN6 Irons
0311 GEN6 Irons
0311 GEN5 Irons

0311 GEN5 Priced from ¥ 28,600 Per Club

PXG 0311 GEN5 Irons are available in three distinct head shapes - XP (Xtreme Performance), P (Players) and T (Tour) – and two head-turning finishes – Chrome and Black Label Elite. Backed by industry-leading engineering and a relentless pursuit of performance, GEN5 Irons are designed for play without limitations. These irons feature a patented core material and breakthrough head designs to deliver formidable forgiveness, tactical accuracy, and impressive distance. A wolf among sheep, GEN5 Irons advance our original flagship forward, and set the benchmark to which all other irons will be measured.

0311 GEN5 Irons

0211 XCOR2 Priced from ¥22,000 PER CLUB

Built for the everyday golfer, these built-to-spec irons employ some of our flagship technologies to meet the needs of a wide audience of golfers. PXG 0211 XCOR2 Irons were engineered as an innovative progressive set, offering greater forgiveness in harder-to-hit long irons and maximum control in the short irons. Rich in performance, they deliver terrific distance, enhanced spin characteristics, and exacting accuracy.

0211 DC Iron
0211 Iron
0311 GEN3 Irons
0317 ST Blades

0317 Players Irons  
Priced from ¥28,600 Per Club

Our stunning PXG 0317 Players Irons offer the ultimate in control and feel for elite ball strikers while still providing excellent forgiveness for a players club.

The 0317 CB's feature a larger, tour-inspired cavity back design for higher MOI and greater forgiveness often preferred in the harder-to-hit long irons. While the 0317 ST's feature a more compact design that delivers a penetrating trajectory with high spin, exceptional consistency, and maximum control often preferred in shorter irons.

PXG 0211 Z Hybrid-Irons

0211 Z Hybrid-Irons Fundamental Forgiveness

Designed for players new to the game or the occasional golfer, PXG 0211 Z Hybrid-Irons offer a unique, hollow-bodied construction that incorporates the distance producing technology of a hybrid and the trajectory of an iron. 0211 Z Hybrid-Irons are PXG’s highest flying, easiest to hit, most forgiving irons yet.

While there are several high-performance golf iron sets on the market, we believe the PXG 0311 GEN3 irons provide the most distance, accuracy and forgiveness, with a sound and feel that is simply beyond compare. Visit a PXG Fitting Studio and see for yourself why we think our 0311 GEN3 irons are the best golf irons.

The cost of a PXG golf iron set (8 golf clubs) depends on the club. Our 0211 Irons are typically at a lower price point, and our latest generation irons are at the higher end. The price varies based on the type of clubs purchased and the chosen customizations (shaft, grip, finish, etc.). From entry-level iron sets to tour-level professional golf irons, the price will differ for each PXG iron set.

Traditionally, there are eight golf irons in a set. These clubs range from pitching wedge to 3-iron. PXG irons can be purchased as a set or individually. If you’re ready to take the next step in your golf game, a full set of golf irons from PXG should be at the top of your list. At PXG, we also offer hybrids and driving irons, which could be added to your iron set.

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